Our Story

Boston Fiber Company was born out of a love for knitting as well as a passion for yarn.

Since opening in 2022 we’ve been featured in The Globe, Boston.com, received an Extraordinary Women award from the mayor, and we’ve expanded into a new space with the help of an investment campaign with Mainvest. We’re a community-focused queer-owned business that carries a variety of yarn from independent dyers and a few larger companies. Our goal is to bring yarn that might be harder to find to Boston area crafters and visitors. We strive to source from queer-, women- and BIPOC-owned businesses and love to work with local dyers and business owners to bring yarn and accessories into the shop.

Our Storefront

Find us in the courtyard of Thayer Street along with Stitch & Tickle, Wyllo, OKW, Minni, and Clay Lounge. Come in to check out our self-serve coffee, seating area, and–most importantly–our walls of yarn!

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