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Bamboo Cable Needle

Bamboo Cable Needle

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Bamboo cable needles with metal band that clings to magnets.

Set includes one each of five sizes:

Us 2/2.75mm

Us 4/3.5 mm

Us 6/4 mm

Us 9/5.5 mm

Us 10.75/6.75 mm

-Bamboo and nickel plated steel so they stick to magnets

-Blunt ends for customizable sharpness

-Needles can be used to work cables in any knitting project.

-The small needles are also handy for picking up stitches when using the Cocoknits method of sweater construction.

-When not in use, place them on your maker's keep magnetic bracelet – the smooth nickel-plated steel band is designed to cling to any magnet.

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